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Captain Tsubasa - Twitter Activation
On the 21st of January 2020, Bandai Namco Entertainment Europe announces the upcoming release (2020) of Captain Tsubasa : Rise of New Champions on PC, PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch consoles, an adaptation of the manga and cult series, Captain Tsubasa. For this announcement, Bandai Namco and Biborg created and orchestrated a global social media operation revealed on the Twitter network.

Being an idol for an entire generation that has been inspired by and grown up with Captain Tsubasa, western fans will soon be able to re-discover their favourite characters with their incredible soccer movements and jubilant acrobatics that made the license so famous.

Strategic approach + campaign
With three main targets to reach : Tsubasa fans, soccer game fans and party game enthusiasts, Biborg proposed to position the game as a soccer game with a refreshing manga twist for pure shots of fun.

The goal of the campaign was to set it as a casual and mainstream alternative to arcade and simulation soccer games and find a place for it in this segment. Competition and teamplay are usually the essence of soccer but the gameplay here is lighter and amusing. Soccer in this title is not about being strategic and skilled on the field but about living spectacular, over-the-top epic action.

As the world of soccer was massively influenced by Captain Tsubasa, the best way to address a mainstream target and not only niche video gamers was to integrate soccer players in the campaign.


Biborg created an activation on Twitter featuring well known players from the soccer world, Brazilian centre back and a defensive midfielder, David Luiz (8.2M followers) and Spanish central midfielder Thiago Alcantara (3.2M followers) - as well as the full-service, soccer focused, digital and social media agency, 433 (500K followers), that bring together one of the largest community of soccer fans in the world. Esport clubs even got involved in the discussion making this operation a success, among them being AS Monaco esports.


The famous soccer players and the agency relayed the trailer as well as clever messages addressed to the mainstream soccer media and fans shared by the official account of Tsubasa (@CptTsubasaRONC) which was created especially for the announcement.

The objective is that all fans subscribe to the new account and follow the release of this game whose cult name is a childhood memory for a whole generation.

The operation was a trending topic on Twitter the day it went live. Overall the operation generated more than 3K retweets, 7K likes and hundreds of enthusiastic comments from the community.

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