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Rouge Velvet, The Liquid

Following the campaigns for the Spring and Summer 2017 looks, Biborg now manages the creation of digital content for the launch of 14 new shades of the iconic "Red velvet edition" of Bourjois.

The Biborg agency, which already supports the Coty Group in highlighting its collaborations with the designers of the Spring and Summer 2017 looks, was entrusted with the creation of branded content for the iconic "Rouge Edition Velvet", the best-selling Bourjois lipstick.

Now available in 14 new additional colours, the "Velvet Red Edition" features a vast palette of 36 shades.

Biborg has designed an international digital campaign with several videos and visuals that will be diffused on the social networks of the brand. Biborg's expertise in the entertainment and gaming industry is being used with cosmetic brands, in particular Bourjois, a well known reference in the world of make-up for its cutting-edge fashion and lifestyle products.

Style with a very Parisian and playful touch.

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