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Club Med x Doubleclick - DCO Campaign

Following competition, Biborg, a DoubleClick certified marketing partner collaborated with Doubleclick on a Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO) campaign for Club Med which was aimed at improving the efficiency of their digital communication strategy.

Biborg and DoubleClick gathered their expertise to orchestrate the campaign in 3 phases: acquisition (in partner with the media company, Agence79) which was released in December 2017, followed by retargeting, then branding. The objective of this campaign was to allow Club Med to propose the right offers and/or villages to the right audience at the right time.

The goal of Dynamic Creative Optimisation by Biborg and Doubleclick strived on optimising the digital advertising strategy of the brand for years to come.

Following the Air France and MINI programmatic campaigns we worked on, and thanks to our successful partnership with DoubleClick teams, Biborg is now positioned as a credible collaborator in the creative and technical follow-up of a DCO programmatic campaign. As a cornerstone for this type of project, our mission is to coordinate all Club Med partners, adapt creative content and set up a management interface to optimise data understanding. Valentin Hugon, Business Manager at Biborg.

The campaign was deployed in two phases: the first was in France, Belgium and Switzerland and the second phase was in other European and African countries.