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Chloé Fragrances

In 2008, Coty launched the first Chloé fragrance, Chloé Signature, expressing the Chloé woman in a free-spirited, modern and feminine scent. Today, Coty has released a large range of Chloé fragrances around one recognisable olfactory signature: the wild rose. Since 2013, Biborg has teamed up with Chloé to promote these fragrance key moments.

XMAS 14 CAMPAIGN Each year, Chloé launches a Xmas Campaign around a key element playing with their main fragrance Signature. After the snow globe in 2012 and the wheel in 2013, for the 2014 campaign, Chloé invited users to a graceful journey through a glitter sky with aerial balloons.

Biborg had recreated the balloons in 3D and decided to release them everywhere. With an Interactive Homepage Takeover, users had been immersed in the glitter atmosphere of the Xmas 14 campaign and invited them to watch the TVC. On shop windows, in malls and train stations, the balloons flyed through Europe on digital screens creating huge awareness of the campaign. Biborg has also been in charge of creating a projection on the Palau Robert building for the opening of a Shopping Night in Barcelona. To conclude, the balloons finished their flying path with Biborg on social networks (Twitter, Facebook and Google +).

LOVE STORY LAUNCH CAMPAIGN For the launch of the Love Story fragrance, Biborg continued the modern story of seduction with Mélanie Laurent for the digital campaign. Biborg recreated all the elements in 3D, including the Pont des arts and the fragrance bottle, and integrated these key elements on Rich Media Units, Interactive Homepage Takeovers and YouTube Masthead Units, immersing users in a typical Parisian night.

The TVC was also embedded on an Engagement Ad. Built within DoubleClick Studio and serving on the Google Display Network, the creative strengthens the brand-to-audience relationship, enabling the experience to occur within the comfort of the original web page. Moreover, Biborg produced innovative mobile creatives both on Tablet and Smartphone devices allowing users to experience a 360° view of the bottle and watch the TVC.

SIGNATURE, ROSES DE CHLOE FRAGRANCES For the global communication of the brand through the year, Biborg created a large range of classical and qualitative creative playing with the iconical ribbon.

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