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Davidoff Horizon

In 2016, Coty launched a new fragrance for their masculine line Zino Davidoff. Inspired by the strength of nature, Horizon is the essence that reveals the duality between earth and sky and holds a powerful masculinity.

Biborg has teamed up with Coty to not only promote this new launch, but also to help bring a new light to the Zino Davidoff signatures by reaching their new target : connected men in need to reconnect with nature and freedom.

The TV campaign revealed Simone Bredariol, the brand ambassador, eager for freedom sensation and climbing a mountain to reach the horizon. The idea? Mix up adventure and digital to make the audience feel the strength of nature through their own screens. Biborg created a campaign with the objective to make users feel like adventurers in their everyday lives.

To do so, Biborg produced an interactive website that immersed the users in the TV ad. As the user scrolls the website, the brand ambassador climbs the mountain until he gets to the top. Once there, the user is invited to participate in a quizz to discover which horizon describes them best : instinctive or rationnal? At the end of the quizz, the user is informed which of the 16 different horizons they just reached.

For the display campaign, high impact formats were created, inviting users to take part in the experience. Biborg produced a homepage takeover in which the eagle was recreated, a symbol of the Horizon. A webkit with richmedia units and a full social media kit with social ads for Facebook and Instagram were also produced.

A 360° video was created and displayed as an in-store experience. Users were invited to interact with a branded cardboard that included the video, completely immersing them into the Horizon universe by simulating the ascent of the mountain in a 360° view. The video was also displayed on the brands Youtube and Facebook networks, allowing users to embody the adventurer in their quest for freedom.

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