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Bag Bugs

The new holiday collection comes from Silvia Fendi’s idea of having fun through an ironic concept. With these colourful and very fury Bag Bugs, Fendi continues to build on their iconic heritage with a modern spirit and turns the classic into something playful and young. Biborg worked with Google - The Zoo and was asked to develop a digital campaign that would bring the collection to life, stimulate the interactive experience and trigger a viral chain. Biborg designed and produced a wide variety of Google Display Network Units and Video Ads on YouTube. They all had to introduce the Bag Bugs to the consumers, create awareness and drive users to the interactive activity: The Bag Bugs Machine.

Available on both Fendi’s YouTube Channel and website (, the fun and cool interactive experience provides users with an unexpected activity by interacting with the monsters and discovering which Bag Bug is right for them. At the end of the experience, the users can share their favourite Bag Bug on social networks and engage their friends to also try The Bag Bugs Machine. It enables the user to have a personal experience based on their own character trait, matching the attitudes and expressions of the Bag bugs.

The interactive activity was also embedded on an Engagement Ad. Built within DoubleClick Studio and serving on the Google Display Network, the creative strengthens the brand-to-audience relationship, enabling the experience to occur within the comfort of the original web page.

The main goals for the campaign were the following: create awareness, drive traffic, and encourage engagement. Fendi trusted Biborg on the fact that they could assist them in attracting the cool and young audience, by providing a first and fun access to the brand but also keeping the sophisticated and luxury touch. The digital campaign is displayed in Italy, France, UK and the US, available both on desktop and tablets.

There were a total of 40 million impressions, 50% interactions completed and 120K unique visits.