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Opéra National de Paris - Social Content

Following a pitch win back in 2015, Biborg worked closely with the prestigious Opera National de Paris to put in place a new digital creative strategy, branding, positioning and identity of the company. Since then Biborg has been accompanying the Opera for the promotion and awareness of their performances and is the official digital agency for social content.

The image that the Opera National de Paris projected was the fact that the shows were seen as inaccessible. The positioning of this reputation was given a refresh in order to create a younger brand image, accessible to all.

Over the years Biborg have been contributing in making The Opera National de Paris radiate to a digitally connected audience.

Some of the campaigns created can be discovered below :


Contemplative videos highlighting the beauty and esthetics of the show. Either presenting the show through original behind-the scenes-footage or showcasing an artist through a never-before-seen interview.

Video formats that communicate the story of the show by popularising it.

Lever de Rideau
This Facebook takeover format plays with the newsfeed of Facebook to present a show in a surprising way.

Instagram Stories

Videos presenting the show through dynamic punchy cuts and copywriting or presenting the show through original behind-the-scenes footage.

Facebook Canvas

The objective being to entice viewers to purchase tickets, this interactive format presents the show or a number of shows from a season through visual content and information. There were approximately 1,3 million impressions and 540 reactions.

To date, having 270K fans on Facebook, 248K fans on Instagram and 38K subscribers on YouTube, social media platforms was seen as the most adapted for the diffusion of communication.