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Opéra National de Paris
Christmas Activation


Each year, The notable Opéra National de Paris makes the most of the Christmas festivities by wishing their community happy holidays. For 2018, they teamed up with Biborg in order to create a social media kit with ideas that were linked with the Christmas spirit.

A master video of a snow ball was created with typical elements of the Opéra National de Paris universe, including a dancer, the renowned building and an orchestra conductor. The snowball animated, revealing the three opera elements, eventually ending with the message, "Happy Holidays". The video was adapted into social media formats for the Opéra National de Paris Facebook page, Instagram and Twitter.

Accompanying the social media formats, a blind test competition was diffused on Instagram. The idea was to reveal an Instagram Story on a daily basis involving the community and creating an interaction by asking them what Opéra performance it is. The “questions” sticker of Instagram was used creating an entertaining and interactive feature. The person that guessed the right answer went into the draw to win two tickets to an Opéra performance and they were tagged the next day with the Instagram Story that revealed the right answer.

So, how well do you know the Opéra performances?