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Online advertising
UGC - Gaston Lagaffe
For the first time collaborating with UGC, Biborg worked on the digital launch campaign for Gaston Lagaffe which was released at the end of March 2018.

An intern who starts a new job at the Peticoin brings along his delusional inventions that he hopes will change his life. Cats, seagulls, cows and a gaffophone will be at the center of the adventures of our genius ‘lazy’ handyman who invents machines for different functions so he can sleep and relax.

Creating their own assets for their original ideas, Biborg produced an online campaign that displayed the main themes of the film. Two formats were displayed on YouTube which cleverly utilised the functions of the network (the play and skip ad button). Having access to a UGC video shooting, Biborg filmed these scenes keeping in mind the media channel. For example, for the ‘Sieste’ video, instead of launching the trailer so the viewer can watch it, our dear Gaston was sleeping, so his boss had to wake him up. For the machine trueview format, Gaston had invented a tool that will skip the ad so that the user doesn’t need to do it. However the machine breaks (like most of the machines he invents) and the ad didn’t skip.

In the same spirit, Biborg created video formats that were adapted to a Homepage takeover and a mobile video interstitial. For these units, Biborg had the chance to access the Gaffophone which was then well adapted to the formats. Since this unique musical instrument makes a lot of ‘unwanted noise’, the page breaks.

Keep an eye out for Gaston, you never know what he’s inventing next.