Be Playful
Inspired by best practices from the gaming world, Biborg vow to create welcoming, non-intrusive, engaging and memorable experiences as instant invitations to connect brands with their audience.
Local and international clients
We stand for a beautiful digital world
We offer our clients a collaborative approach to work in order to meet three challenges:

1. Capture attention in an ultra-short time
2. Hold attention with impactful and never-seen-before interactions
3. Remain in people’s thoughts thanks to impeccable execution
We gather passionate experts
Our team is composed of experts with varied profiles, diverse backgrounds and complementary personalities.
Our Management Team
Bruno Luriot - Chief Executive officer
Ismael El-Hakim - Creative Managing Director
Alain Puget - Chief Technical Officer and Managing Director of Biborg Nantes
Kais Ali Benali - UK Managing Director & Partner
Barth Monnier - Studio Director
Emilien Chiche - Studio Director
Fred Paul - Studio Director
Olivier Campion - Studio Director
Laure Choisne - Human Resources Manager
Peter Prosper - Technical Producer
Rémi Cabarrou - Creative Director
Valentin Hugon - Business Manager
Marie Trocmé - Business Manager
Our partners
Our certifications