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Activision - Call Of Duty Mobile - Evergreen and Contextual Campaign
Following the YouTube campaign we did for the Stage 4 of the Call of Duty Mobile World Championship, Activision invited us to continue the great work on an always-on user acquisition campaign, with a brief to create and produce a monthly content program.

Due to a last minute brief we needed to challenge our reactivity in order to create and deliver our first visuals as fast as possible after the launch of the season 11 of the game. Pushing us to gather and work quickly with the newest assets.

We faced an issue during our campaign that also asked us to prove our adaptability. After a few evergreen contents were released, we realized that the Snapchat algorithm was not pushing them the way we expected, so we had to rethink our strategy for the next visuals.

Creative Thinking
We had to come up with fresh evergreen contents during a pandemic where most of the world was in lockdown and therefore stuck at home. during a pandemic period where there was not much going on. We decided to introduce CODM as the perfect game to go with those new and increased habits everyone took during this period.

As for our contextual contents, they needed to complement the evergreen ones with fresh scenes tied to cultural/calendar moments while keeping the brand tone established previously.

Creative Answer
Our final delivery was an all-in house production, since our client provided us with the 3D Characters Rigs. We then took care of bringing those characters to life, animating them, and incorporating them in all the scenes and stories we created.

We started by creating 2 ads on a linear storytelling approach, but we discovered that the formats we made for Snapchat was impacted by the platform’s algorithm. The platform showed first the most performing videos, thus our storytelling was not told in the right order.

When we realized the way the algorithm worked, we decided to change the way we created our next episodes. Thus, we created our new contents in order for them to live on their own, but still showing how our playable characters dealt with lockdown. This way we made the most of the Snapchat algorithm.

In order to amplify our evergreen episodes, we completed them with contents tied to cultural/calendar moments such as Valentine’s day, April’s Fools, special holidays…

The totality of this campaign was made with the off-set humor we defined as the brand tone for CODM.

Our next challenge will be now to accompany CODM forward with brand new ideas unrelated to the pandemic.

Discover our full evergreen and contextual content below :