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biborg activision call of duty mobile keyart

CHALLENGE After a successful run with our last Evergreen user acquisition program which centered around life during the pandemic and cultural/calendar events, we needed to update our creative platform in order to convert even more users to Call of Duty Mobile.

Usually, performance advertising revolves around features and gameplay. However, we wanted to continue our untraditional creative direction and execution while being even more brand and consumer centric, and focus on behaviours relevant both to CODM and our target audience.

IDEA To remain relevant and relatable to consumers, we paid attention to their behavioural habits and insights and arrived at a major observation that led to our creative platform. With a strong competitive mindset and an appetite for challenge, our audiences see competition as a way of life. Whether through leaderboards and trophy achievements in gaming, or by consuming competitive content, it’s clear that to them, competition is everywhere.

Our GET CODMPETITIVE platform brings out people’s competitive side through relatable situations and typical human behaviours, drawing insights from daily life or current trends and using the humorous and irreverent tone we previously established for the brand. To really elevate the creative content, Biborg used motion capture for the first time in a commercial project. This allowed us to enhance the animation quality and helped bring the stories to life in a more dynamic and vivid way.

RESULTS Requesting custom character animations from client studios is a tremendous hurdle. Now that Biborg can manage motion capture in-house, we can offer clients the ability to create even greater things with their brands without involving external studios. This also translates into a much better workflow between Biborg and our clients, as evidenced by the extremely collaborative spirit seen on this CODM project.

We can’t wait to work on more projects with motion capture!