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Context For this project, we explored the essence of cultural institutions such as the Opéra National de Paris (ONP) and their role in our ever-changing society. We wanted to reach not only the patrons and those already aware of and involved in the ONP’s programme, but also attract a wider audience.

Challenge How could we modernize the manifesto of an iconic 350 year old institution to touch a wider audience whilst still keeping the core ideals of the Opéra?

Idea By creating a piece of content that has dynamic rhythm, modern music (Else - Origin), bold typographic design and strong messages in relation to everyday life, we aim to highlight the modern aspects of the Opera, to capture the attention and reach the hearts of a larger audience.

Execution By opening the video with ambient footage from inside the Opéra Garnier, we wanted to show that culture is constantly thriving even when it can’t be seen live. In the introduction, the font is thinner and lighter, and begins to evolve during the second half of the video when the music escalates and the shots become more dynamic and dramatic, bringing the content to life. We see how culture is always present through its evolution in the piece, before finishing with a reminder of our three key pillars of culture.


We reached out to Biborg for help producing the launch video of our campaign. This was a huge challenge since it was about presenting a new dynamic, and a new direction for the institution, and needed the ability to appeal to the public during this particular period of time and for years to come.

Fleur Braghetto, Head of Communications at AROP

The context behind this challenge urges us not only to rethink our model, but to also ask ourselves about the role of our House in society, at the heart of the city. Our support campaign “Mon Opéra responsable et engagé” aims to accompany the projects we have for years to come, alongside our core values of creation, opening up and passing on.

Alexander Neef, Director of the Opéra de Paris