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Assassin's Creed Origins

Biborg was approached by Ubisoft to participate in a pitch against other agencies on a PR project with the aim of promoting the long awaited Assassin's Creed Origins (ACO) game. Having won the pitch, Biborg collaborated with Ubisoft on this project and organised an event on the 27th of September 2017 in London with gaming influencers. The aim was to generate excitement and social amplification around ACO’s uniqueness by providing influencers with entertaining, meaningful and easy-to-adapt video content designed for them to be used on their own YouTube channel / Vlogs.

The initial brief was to think about an emotion filled interactive experience using the same codes from ACO and immerse users in the game universe. The ultimate goal was for the content to be fun and entertaining to watch for the influencers followers. The activation had to be visually impactful and dynamic so that they can leverage it on their social media networks in order to create social word-of-mouth among their communities.

Taking place at the Radisson Blue hotel, there were a total of 80 - 90 gaming influencers from around the world. They were invited to test four hours of exclusive gameplay as well as participate in the gaming experience. Biborg wanted to immerse the influencers into a seamless and user friendly journey so that they create sharable, editable, in-real time content in a fast and effective way.

The influencers discovered the Egyptian uniqueness of the ACO universe by embodying Bayek’s skills in a collaborative, entertaining and competitive way on an immersive hieroglyphs wall through challenging game skills. By facing Bayek’s Assassin’s arsenal, they were tested on rapidity, observation and memory. The set-up was made of 3 walls, including a screen to display the tutorials to play. The activation was built in collaboration with Dune production. Each game had a specific sound and visual atmosphere designed in collaboration with Stéréoplane.

Every group of 4 influencers competed against each other by winning each game and reaching the overall best score in order to win the final reward which was a Focal, ACO branded set of headphones which were given out to two winning groups in the morning and two winning groups in the afternoon.