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Assassin's Creed 15th Anniversary

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Challenge Ubisoft wanted to celebrate 15 Years of Assassin’s Creed with the key contributor to this long lasting legacy; their community. Concerts, live streams, rewards… everything revolved around the common theme “Leap Into History”.

But, how could we truly engage such a diverse community; ranging from casual newcomers to hardcore fans during this celebration?

Idea “Leap into History” celebrates what makes Assassin’s Creed truly unique. Thus, we needed ideas that not only leveraged the rich history in the games but also conveyed the explorative journey fans experienced during these 15 years. Therefore, in collaboration with 9P (neuvième page) and Ubisoft, we created two digital experiences for the audience to dive even further and leap into their unique story with the brand.

The Twelve Trials gave fans a chance to revisit history. This 12 week challenge launched in June during Ubisoft Forward, and celebrated the twelve main opus of the series. Each week, fans had to solve 10 trials and test their AC knowledge; whether it be on a famous song, an important date, or a pivotal moment in a character’s story. A winner was selected each week to win a special prize, and an overall winner of the twelve weeks won a trip to Italy to tread in Ezio’s footsteps!

The Hall of Fame concluded the celebrations, acknowledging fans and giving them a special place to truly become a part of AC history. A 3D Assassin statue was created where they were able to leave their mark on the eagle, blade, crest… wherever they wanted!

Results Fans all over the world worked together and cheered each other on as they enjoyed the celebrations all together!

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