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Behaviour Interactive
Meet Your Maker - Global Launch Campaign

biborg-work-behaviour-interactive-meet-your-maker-header CHALLENGE After a successful pitch, Biborg was entrusted to lead the global campaign of one of the most devious games of 2023: Meet Your Maker. From building a trapped outpost to raiding other outposts, Behaviour Interactive’s new IP aimed to deliver a double message to its two audiences: builders & raiders. Our main challenge was to clearly address these audiences to ensure the game's mechanic was understood while boosting awareness and consideration at key moments of the campaign.

IDEA Meet your Maker’s mechanics relies on the interdependence and duality of our two audiences. A raider can’t raid without a builder and vice versa. What connects them together is one feeling: deviousness. When a builder traps their way to the top like a mastermind, a raider has to outsmart the opponent's deviousness to succeed. Players were invited to create to destroy; to be a mastermind, enter their villain era, to outsmart and outthink to succeed. All of our creative assets had this invitation at its core.

ANNOUNCEMENT CAMPAIGN Following the announcement at TGA, we launched a first test campaign to raise awareness with a specific focus on builders. We broadcasted several cutdowns from the announcement trailer on social platforms over a three week period.

OPEN BETA CAMPAIGN To support the Open Beta, we created a paid media campaign with paid search, and a devious custom streampack for an influencer activation; which included 18 top-tier content creators and 300+ grassroot streamers.

Meet Your Maker - Tweets

WISHLIST CAMPAIGN Our wishlist campaign was launched following the Open Beta, with a brand new batch of creative assets (static and video), social content and an active presence on all social media platforms. Our objective was to drive intent to purchase by pushing the wishlisting feature available on

LAUNCH CAMPAIGN For launch, we went all out with paid media support, held several creative activations with content creators, and worked on the global accolades trailer.

1 / Paid Media campaign A new batch of creatives separating builders from raiders were made for launch. Running from 28 March to 17 April in five regions: US-CA, UK, Germany, and France, this launch media campaign was operated globally. From media planning to trafficking, we supported every part of the release of Meet Your Maker.

Pre-launch 30s pre-rolls:
(Generic) (Co-op) (Builders) (Raiders)

Launch 30s pre-roll: (Accolades)

2/ Accolades trailer In collaboration with Behaviour Interactive, we created an accolades trailer from conception using press quotes; adding engaging footage, additional motion effects and sharp editing to capture our audience.

3/ “Devious Duos Tournament”: A global tournament that garnered thousands of views and took place across three regions: US-CA-UK / Germany and France. During the week of launch, we paired up eight streamers with eight celebs, using squad stream to showcase the competition live on each talents' Twitch channel. Each duo competed in a three stage tournament and had to build their outposts before raiding their opponents. Those that got away with the GenMat would win the match, and eventually qualify for the Grand Final.

Final - watch the winner (Dhalucard) on Twitch: Dhalucard - Devious Duos - Final

Final - watch Distortion2's final (English)

4/ “Ultimate Maker” (680K views and counting) We partnered up with superstar Jtsu to create a unique YouTube video showing the game from a different angle.

5/ “Hail To Your Maker” During launch, we invited fans of the game and content creators to take over TikTok and YouTube. With an amazing variety of creative content made, this TikTok activation dove into the MYM gameplay and revealed exclusive details about the lore and the game's devious DNA.

Dr_Horse Siegismund Joueur du Grenier

Results Overall the campaign generated many exciting conversations online (Twitter) throughout its various phases. Over the course of 4 months, we reached 100M+ uniques and ultimately helped boost sales.

"At Behaviour Interactive, we make a commitment to building unique and memorable experiences with each of our games, and Meet Your Maker is no exception. As such, when preparing the launch of our next big IP, we were looking for a creative agency that understood, lived and breathed our DNA. Biborg was the perfect partner who had extensive knowledge and experience in gaming and could deliver a truly unique campaign. Their tailored approach helped us reach the next level through a multi-faceted 360 campaign introducing the world to Meet Your Maker’s devious gameplay."

  • Luc Duchaine, Vice-President, Marketing, Behaviour Interactive

Accompanying Behaviour Interactive in the launch of their new IP, Meet Your Maker, was a great source of pride for us. Their trust and the availability of the teams allowed us to work in a collaborative way to set up innovative communication devices, which above all let us translate the uniqueness of the game. Whether it's Devious Duos, Ultimate Maker or Hail to Your Maker, our activation concepts for launch aim to engage talents and their communities by going beyond the game itself. At Biborg, we believe in this distinctive approach to stand out from the crowd.

  • Kaïs Ali Benali, Chief Business Officer, Biborg