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Biborg x Motion Motion x Surfrider

biborg-work-motion-motion-surfrider-twiddling-your-thumbs-header Challenge Motion Motion - Festival du graphisme en mouvement is a festival dedicated to motion design divided into two parts: the first day is for professionals in the sector, whereas the weekend is open to the public. The festival is packed with exhibitions, conferences, meetings, screenings, workshops, and audiovisual experiences.

Since its creation, Biborg have participated with an innovative event each time: The Motion Playground 20syl x Pursuit of Sound Nymphea Selenis

For our fourth year at Motion Motion, we wanted to highlight environmental issues and initiate change; raising awareness for a cause close to our hearts and aligned with our values.

Idea Biborg are proud to present "En Se Tournant Les Pouces" (Twiddling Your Thumbs), a unique and playful experience that highlights the dangers of human inaction in the face of climate crisis and marine pollution.

In partnership with Surfrider Foundation, this interactive experience invited visitors to use their thumbs as controllers to face a series of challenges based on real aquatic issues. Each challenge had a different theme; ranging from pollution to fast fashion, meat consumption to plastic use… showcasing our impact on the environment in a fun and gamified way.

This installation is one of the first steps of a larger set of actions by Biborg, as we strive to improve the agency's environmental impact and raise public awareness through gamification.

"It is crucial for everyone to realize that they have a role to play in ecological change. Doing so through a video game experience is a way to make awareness accessible and facilitate it. As a player in the video game industry, Biborg bears the responsibility to promote responsible consumption and a future-friendly approach." Damien Foui, Creative Director at Biborg

Motion Motion 2023 main screens Creating this experience made partnering with Surfrider Foundation a natural choice:

"Since its creation, Surfrider Foundation has been working to raise awareness of the protection of the aquatic environment, using all means possible to reach everyone, young and old. Innovation in reaching the largest number of citizens is part of our DNA. This project with Biborg follows this approach by using creative methods as a tool for awareness and a driver of behavior change." Maurane Bagnarosa, Art Campus Project Manager at Surfrider Foundation

Motion Motion 2023 Challenges The more we twiddle our thumbs about marine pollution, the worse the situation becomes. It’s important to take action. Help the oceans and discover Surfrider Foundation at

Results 7,000 visitors 534 games played And most importantly, 62,000 twiddles!

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