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Context Tuning in with the latest discoveries made in Virtual Production, we’ve been inspired by the new possibilities offered by technologies such as the LED screens and real-time-rendered environments from The Mandalorian, or the motion capture techniques used by Ninja Theory for the development of Hellblade: Senua’s Sacrifice.

Challenges With that in mind, we started to explore different leads to develop our virtual studio expertise, and finally set up for a hybrid solution mixing live action with augmented reality. Our objective was to prove we could master these technologies, and offer our clients innovative alternatives to create memorable content.

Creative Approach and Production As a result of our research, we’ve created a music video using Motion Capture Technology and real-time 3D rendering. We started by drafting a storyboard based on the original music which was produced for the occasion by two members of our team : Ismaël El Hakim and Andrew Bunsell.


The content would showcase two characters dancing throughout the video in an eery, fictional scenery evolving with the music. In order to obtain the most immersive and realistic result, we captured the performance of two professional dancers from the Opéra National de Paris, Marion Barbeau and Simon Le Borgne, using Xsens Suits.

A fruitful collaboration which allowed us to get natural and fluid movements.

To transcend their performance, we designed multiple 3D environments and ambiances in sync with the music. We’ve put a lot of attention to details, especially regarding the textures of our dancers, in order for them to resonate with each of those ambiances. In terms of production, we used the Unreal Engine to edit the film directly, which allowed us to create, from scratch, realistic settings for all of our assets.

Overall, we are really proud of the result. We had a lot of fun creating this content which combines many of our skill sets, and we are looking forward to developing even more innovative solutions for our clients!