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Display & Media
MINI Countryman

For the launch of BMW’s new Countryman MINI SUV vehicle, BMW and Biborg collaborated on an online contextual display campaign which was diffused in France in 2016.

Biborg developed a media strategy based on the second most talked about topic in the country: the weekend. The objective of the campaign was to raise awareness, drive consideration and generate conversation. Formats were diffused at contextualised timeframes in order to stand out. The aim was to start engaging users before the weekend and keep them with the brand after the weekend.

In order to reach the right people, different messages were created for each target audience: the young active crowd, young families and mature hedonists, all around adventure and emotion. During the weekend, remarketing formats were displayed to the engaged audience with bumper ads showcasing the vehicle features.

Interactive display units were also created focusing on the features with the aim of generating leads.

So, what are you plans for next weekend?