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Monster Hunter: World

Following a pitch win, Biborg created the digital communication strategy for the launch of one of the most anticipated games of the year: Capcom’s Monster Hunter: World™, which was officially released worldwide on January 26th. For the launch of this eagerly awaited new title, the London and Paris based creative agency produced a digital display campaign including YouTube video trueview and bumper ad formats, a YouTube Masthead unit and paid social media assets as well as a video content series.

The Monster Hunter series is one of Capcom's biggest flagship franchises with 40 million units sold since 2004. The newest addition, Monster Hunter: World, due out on PS4 and XBOX ONE, aims to be more accessible and appeal to a more mainstream audience.

In order to appeal to this audience, Biborg collaborated with Capcom Europe’s teams to produce three ‘mockumentary’ style episodes featuring players from around the world as they share some of their most incredible multiplayer hunting stories.

Who better than the fans to express how it feels to play Monster Hunter™? Biborg selected six ambassadors from all over the world to tell their stories and show veterans and newcomers alike how it feels to enjoy the ultimate hunting experience.

The Hunting Season videos have been created to appeal to a more mainstream audience who aren’t already familiar with the franchise. We wanted to give this audience a reason to play the game without disregarding the hardcore Monster Hunter fan base, of course. All the gameplay footage was captured with the intention of reflecting each characters’ personality and playstyle. We are extremely proud to have worked hand in hand with Capcom throughout the entire project and love the different perspectives brought by these three episodes on the overall campaign.

Kais Ali Benali, UK Business Director & Partner at Biborg

It’s been fantastic to work with Biborg on such an exciting campaign that was aimed at bringing in new players to the hunt from all round the world. The team has been a great support with their creative ideas and being able to target the audience we wanted to hit to make this release a success for Capcom.

Marina Koh, Brand Manager at Capcom

Biborg partnered up with W2P production studio and Stereoplane (sound design). All three episodes went live on Capcom's UK channels and on the PlayStation EU YouTube page.

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