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Biborg and Capcom collaborated on the creation of two separate Twitch Stream packs for the Monster Hunter: World community. The objective was to create stream packs for novice streamers that were equipped with plenty of high quality animated assets inspired by the game’s universe and that respected the brand’s look and feel.

Monster Hunter World - Stream Pack - 2019

Following the successful launch of Monster Hunter World in January 2018 and ahead of the Iceborne expansion release, Biborg and Capcom created a Premium Stream Pack for the brand in June 2019.

The pack was released during a weekly streaming event led by Capcom’s community manager, Josh Dahdrai. It was first addressed in a message to the fans during one of his streams and gave away the link to download it in the chat panel. Available in the EMEA region, the Stream Pack was well received by the community.

Monster Hunter World : Iceborne - Stream Pack - 2020

A year after the release of Monster Hunter: World and seeing as the first stream pack was well received, Capcom wanted to offer another one to its hunter community. The objective was to create a custom premium stream pack that included three times the amount of assets produced for the first one. Being available from April 2020 on Monster Hunter World social networks, the stream pack provided streamers the ability to pick and choose which assets they wanted to use, giving them even more variety to make their stream more bespoke.