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Resident Evil 2

Following a pitch, Capcom EMEA and UK have chosen Biborg to design and produce the digital campaign for the release of the new Resident Evil 2, survival horror game in January 2019. This iteration was a complete rebuild of the original Resident Evil 2 that was released in 1998, with game play being experienced via a third person perspective to allow for a more immersive action-adventure feel. Players control police officer Leon and college student Claire as they attempt to escape from Raccoon City during a zombie apocalypse. Depending on the player's choice, the main story is experienced with variations in subplots, accessible areas and obtainable items. The challenge of the campaign was to not only portray the key differences between the original title and this new one to the target audiences but to also highlight the two separate story lines of the characters; Claire and Leon - a major change to the original release.

To tantalize gamers and internauts alike, Biborg decided to create a campaign that brings the audience into the heart of the intrigue, and lets them choose the story. Using a YouTube TrueView format, Biborg linked several videos with end cards that propose different choices to users, giving them the possibility of selecting Leon or Claire and what they’d like them to go through. It’s one of the first multiple-choice Trueview ads in the video game sector and it allows users to dive into the latest installment of the cult survival horror game, and choose their own 1.5 minute story. The immersive experience brings users into the story, inviting them to uncover different scenes within the game, and ultimately order a copy.


We worked with Capcom to capture the gameplay, as we wanted to create an immersive and active experience with our YouTube Trueview placement. Twisting the conventional use of YouTube end cards, viewers were invited to follow either Leon or Claire to discover RPD from their selected character's own point of view. We used paid placements to reach many different types of gamers, inviting our most engaged audiences to go further and discover multiple different adventures that lie ahead in the game. We’re delighted with the results: 33% of the people who’ve watched the ad chose to continue the experience: quite high for a paid media campaign, and 85% chose to continue to the end.

Kais Ali Benali UK Managing Director, Biborg.



It’s been a great experience working with Biborg on this campaign and these Interactive Trueview ads in particular were perfect for depicting the story choices you’ll have to make in our game.

Stefano Barolo, UK & EMEA Brand Manager, Capcom.

Accompanying the YouTube Trueview format, there was a digital display campaign that was reinforced with the support of Out of Home and Digital Out of Home units, all diffused in the UK, France and Germany. Biborg provided the development of strategy, full service production of display assets, in-game capturing and script creation.

Contextualised YouTube Bumper ads were displayed for pre-launch and launch phases. For the pre-launch phase, different Bumper formats were targeting first person shooter fans, franchise fans and horror gamers. The launch and post-launch Bumper formats included different press quotes of the title reinforcing the positive reviews. Social media formats were displayed on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook including Instagram stories with different focuses, Instagram/ Facebook takeovers, Facebook canvas, Facebook carousel, Twitter website cards and conversational cards.

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