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Challenge Our challenge for the launch of Street Fighter 6 was twofold. First, it was crucial to highlight the revolutionary experience in Street Fighter’s DNA, and show SF6 wasn’t just another fighting game. Second, as we were managing both creative and media, there was a need for a creative strategy and communications plan that completely aligned with the product’s roadmap and took it to the next level.

Idea An exciting launch campaign fully owned by Biborg from beginning to end. A smooth, internal collaboration between teams encompassed three phases: Open Beta, Pre-Order, and Launch. With our communications plan closely aligned with Capcom’s vision, we gradually introduced the game’s innovative features and catered to the various audiences for SF6.

Our strategic communications plan served as a detailed blueprint that ensured seamless coordination with our media team and informed our internal media buying decisions. This level of alignment and synchronization facilitated a cohesive and impactful campaign, amplifying the game and enticing players to embark on a thrilling new fighting experience.

The Street Fighter series has consistently pushed the boundaries of innovation for over 35 years! With a diverse character roster, unique playstyles, game modes, and transmedia storytelling, it revolutionized the fighting game genre and left an indelible mark on gaming history.

As the fighting game market has recently been experiencing stagnation, SF6 liberates players from the genre’s traditional constraints; fostering physical arcade communities in the Battle Hub, transitioning from closed arenas to an open-world experience in the World Tour, and bringing even more colorful characters to life in the Fighting Ground.

Now, the world is your fighting ground. biborg-work-capcom-street-fighter-6-display

Open Beta Pre-Order Launch