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For the launch of The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles for the UK market, Capcom’s objective was to increase the title's player base and to drive purchases. To do this, our strategy was to speak to both previous Ace Attorney players and newcomers alike with a focused creative media campaign that leveraged audiences insights that showed high affinities between anime culture and the brand. Therefore, our recommendation was to invest media spend on anime fan channels, such as Crunchyroll and Funimation, to reach audiences who had a higher likelihood of purchasing.


We wanted to create a set of trailers using gameplay which had a storyline run throughout. For the pre-order trailer, we made it character focused where we introduced the characters, using animated scenes to appeal to the target audiences.

For the launch trailer, we follow the main character in his pursuit of the truth, as he finds clues, builds the case, and defends the client. In a novel-style way - imitating in-game play - we used text cards as well as gameplay to present the game’s core loop.


With the campaign running short of a month, views surpassed 1.2m across all channels (PS4, desktop and mobile) while sales surpassed the target within just a month of its July 27th release.