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Bourjois - Foundcealer

For the launch of the new Bourjois, Always Fabulous Foundcealer stick, Biborg and Bourjois collaborated on a European digital campaign to engage beauty lovers, Bourjois fans and imperfection fighters. An innovative product that blends foundation and concealer in one and that is available in a range of shades to cover all skin types, the product is designed for those that are “on the go” and don’t have enormous amounts of time. Being practical and fast to apply it can be put on anywhere and at any moment.

The objectives of Bourjois were to reinforce the brand awareness of the brand by proposing a new product that is adapted to its audience, recruit a new target audience thanks to its innovative product and experiment with new interaction ideas that are in line with the Bourjois ADN.

For the promotion of the product, a mini retro game on Instagram was created: the Foundcealer attack, inviting users to tap their way through the stories for a “fabulous complexion”. Instagram Stories were used in a clever way, offering a tap-to-play user experience whereby the user taps on the screen to advance in the game. A clear example of how instagram stories can be turned interactive and playful.

Bourjois and Biborg also worked on the conception, copywriting, design and motion animation for a standard banner pack and a social media kit including a Facebook Canvas, Facebook Carousel formats and Instagram Stories all going live from January 2019.