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Total War - Three Kingdoms

Collaborating with British video game developer Creative Assembly for the first time, Biborg worked on the pre-launch and launch campaigns for Total War: Three Kingdoms, a real time strategy title that was released on May 23rd 2019. Gamers are invited to choose from a cast of 12 legendary Warlords to conquer ancient China and recruit heroic characters to aide their cause and dominate their enemies on military, technological, political and economic fronts.

Pre-Launch phase For the pre-launch phase, Biborg wanted to set the stakes and dive straight into the story and setting in which Three Kingdoms takes place, showing the antagonist characters, like Dong Zhou and Zheng Jiang, ripping ancient China apart. Biborg also wanted to give viewers a clear idea of the vastness of the map and armies within the game.

Launch phase For launch, the focus was on Liu Bei, the protagonist in the Three Kingdoms epic. Liu Bei is a virtous warlord from imperial lineage and Biborg wanted to put him right front and centre the launch phase to complete the story that had started to be told in the pre-launch phase. Again, scale was important here and Biborg want to instil this with the epic battle scenes that were included in the video creative.

The aim was to excite fans in Europe and North America by introducing them to the bigger than life characters and battles within the Three Kingdoms epic, Biborg's recommendation was to treat the playable warlords as characters in an epic blockbuster by using the same codes that are found in the promotion of TV shows and franchise films. By focusing ultimately on the characters and the corresponding gameplay, potential players were given an insider’s look at their style of domination.

For this global campaign, YouTube Trueview formats, online display and social media units were created for both pre-launch, launch and sustain phases.

Working with Creative Assembly on this title was a true honour! From the moment we received the brief, we knew that Three Kingdoms was the game Total War fans had been waiting for and we wanted to give it the high quality treatment it deserved. Being set in ancient China meant we had to bring unknown warriors to life for Western gamers, clearly communicating their unique qualities and abilities so that players with different play styles could see the variety the TW team had provided.

Sergio - Account Manager, Biborg