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Fall Guys Season 3 - Sunken Secrets



Since shifting to free-to-play in June 2022, Fall Guys have garnered significant success, popularity and brand recognition from all over the world. To continue building on this, Mediatonic wanted to promote the mysterious underwater world of Season 3: Sunken Secrets, which would be teased in-game via a series of portals. Our primary objective was to create excitement amongst active players during the teasing phase with a community-centric approach, and to generate conversation beyond Fall Guys’ owned channels by targeting lapsed players and wider gaming communities.


The themes of Atlantis and portals are ubiquitous in pop culture, appearing in various forms of media such as TV shows (Stargate, Rick & Morty), movies (Aquaman), and video games (Bioshock, Portal). Since these themes strongly resonate with our audience, we decided to showcase Fall Guys’ unique interpretation of them.

FALL GUYS Keyvisuals

Depending on where the exit is, portals can theoretically transport you anywhere. Rather than developing a handful of teasers for Season 3, we wanted to harness the true potential of portals to create an infinite stream of teasers. This led us to create our social activation, The Fall Guys Portal. We developed our very own portal for Fall Guys, an all-powerful URL that took the user to numerous possible destinations on their browsers or phones. Users were directed, at random, to various links from the Fall Guys universe, including YouTube videos, Korean TikTok and tweets from years ago, as well as 94 custom made assets created in-house across a range of formats: live-action shorts, animated GIFs, original illustrations, and even musical interludes. Illustrations comp By randomizing these multiple destinations every time a user clicked on the portal, we could simultaneously create confusion and spark curiosity, which encouraged the community to continue exploring the portal for clues. To strike a balance between teasing and red herrings, we added a feature that increased the chances of uncovering a ‘true’ clue for S3, as we got closer and closer to the announcement trailer.


The strong partnership and trust between Biborg and Mediatonic provided us with an excellent platform to create a unique, and engaging social activation. The Fall Guys Portal was well received by the community, as players loved venturing into the portal over and over again to discover more about Fall Guys’ Season 3 and discuss the meaning behind the seemingly endless destinations!