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On Thursday September 21st 2017, digital agency Biborg hosted a unique digital art exhibition. One evening, three installations, each allowing guests the opportunity to experience the extraordinary sensation of immersive reality. INFRA featured three of Biborg Lab’s latest creations, each a display that unites humans with technology, that questions the world around us, the objects that surround us, and our own image.

INFRA echoes the ambition of every “hacker”, to go beneath the surface and to discover a whole new perception of the world around us.

Karine Miloudi, copywriter at Biborg.

INFRA was the opportunity for Biborg to test, and exhibit, some of its digital art creations, offering visitors a chance to experiment, touch, move and break the surface to access a new reality.

1) Perception: Hack the Environment A mobile augmented reality application, which invites users to stroll and scan their environment in order to discover unpredictable virtual animations that, between order and chaos, come alive and transform themselves independently. Using the application, visitors were invited on a scavenger hunt to find all 15 ‘markers’ scattered around the exhibit, each a unique image that came alive with the help of the special edition application.

2) Anti-Selfie : Body Hacking An augmented reality experience, which, by playing on the notion of space-time and its relativity, transformed the user into abstract shapes. Sound design, created by Stereoplane was also integrated into the experience, with sounds evolving in real time according to the user’s movements. By connecting themselves to the installation via a headset and infrared sensors, each visitor discovered an altered version of themself.

Anti-Selfie is one of the first interactive experiences that allows you to be anonymous in a pre-defined zone, as you appear in an abstract form in a surrounding that stays real.

Samuel Leroux, a Creative Technologist at Biborg.

3) Materials: Hack of Matter Interactive video mapping that created a conceptual link between the tangible and intangible world, which allowed users the chance to alter materials into elusive physical phenomena.

Earlier this year, the Paris version of the exhibit welcomed nearly 300 visitors. Like its predecessor, the London INFRA evening was exclusive, open to journalists, peers and clients.

We hack and repurpose existing technology to create new interactions and experiences that trigger people's emotions. We are experiential innovators. We talk a lot about revolution around artificial intelligence, virtual reality, biotechnology, etc ... but for me there is also another kind of revolution in which we participate, which is fundamental and more discreet: the user and their interactions with these new technologies.

Emilien Chiche, Senior Creative Technologist at Biborg.

Welcome beneath the surface with the Biborg lab.

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