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Challenge In 2019, Krafton’s PUBG Awards were an instant hit with their community. But, as more competitors entered the battle royale market and content creation began declining, PUBG had to find new ways to maintain its edge and reward its loyal community.

Our mission was twofold: to inspire more content creation within the community, and cultivate a deeper connection between PUBG and its fans. Krafton also wanted to show their appreciation of the continuous loyalty and support, and provide a sense of pride for players belonging to the PUBG community.

Idea To establish a deeper connection with the PUBG community, we identified what set them apart from other battle royales. While most simply provided content for the community and encouraged players’ skills, PUBG went one step further - their community added character to and enriched the game through their own creativity and content creation.

To celebrate the community’s fun-loving, unpredictable and wild personality, we created the PUBG Awards Europe 2022. Several social media platforms were leveraged to allow players to submit their content with categories that showcased specific community behaviors, such as Hottest Drop, Fearless Ride, and Battle Loyale.

The awards ceremony was broadcasted live on Twitch, where our hosts @WJacky101 and @TheBeardGuy commented on and highlighted shortlisted content. The community could vote for their favorite submission during the live, with winners receiving exclusive rewards, such as in-game skins and trophies.

By bringing the PUBG Awards to Europe to celebrate the fans’ creativity, we differentiated the game from our competitors and reminded the community of their love for PUBG!

Results The PUBG Awards Europe 2022 broke the records for PUBG’s European Twitch channel, with more than 400k unique viewers and 2.2k average viewers throughout the stream.

But, most importantly, the community absolutely loved the awards show, which ended up generating almost 4 million impressions/views overall! biborg-work-krafton-pubg-awards-community-reactions biborg-work-krafton-pubg-awards-host-reactions