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Motion Motion Nantes
The Motion Playground

Biborg designed and produced the interactive installation, 'The Motion Playground', which was presented on the 19th of May 2018 at the Motion Motion festival in Nantes at StereoLux. The activation revisits one of the most played arcade games, Pong.

The digital agency specialising in entertainment has revisited the video game "Pong", one of the most famous games in the industry. A good way to capture the young audience, while at the same time creating nostalgia and interest of the older generation.



The experience was created in collaboration with the Nantes based video game studio Alkemi and Sound Designer Louis Godart. With the use of motion sensors, two players use their body on stage as a controller of the game. Through their interactions, they change the visual, physical and audio characteristics of the activation, inviting the public to travel through a selection of different motion design trends.



Participating in the Motion Motion Festival for the first time, Biborg took into account the context of the festival, being motion design. As the game progresses, the game evolves through seven different visual and musical universes. Biborg wanted to create an activation that is entertaining and accessible for an audience of all ages. Having being used to integrate interactivity in their client projects, it was natural to orient ‘The Motion Playground’ as an installation that the public could play with and enjoy. It was also a great opportunity to have each motion designer of the Biborg Nantes team as well as developers contribute in the project.

The Motion Playground therefore suggests the idea that through playful work, it is possible to discover the disciplines of design, while intelligently tightening the links of the technical deployment, all for the pleasure of the public.



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