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13 Reasons Why S2

Following the suicide of Hannah, the protagonist of the series, 13 Reasons Why, the second season focuses on the trail. It’s time for recovery, redemption and justice from the point of view of each character.

Launched on the 18th of May, along with the tagline, “The truth is developing", polaroid photos were key to the new episodes, replacing Hannah’s tapes from season one. Many of her friends and peers take the stand in front of the jury and rehash the same conflicts that were discussed in-depth on all those cassettes. But in many of these testimonials, entirely new pieces of information were revealed about Hannah’s personal life. In theory, this furthers the underlying conceit of season one: that there are always multiple sides to every story.

Biborg and Netflix collaborated on a digital campaign for the launch of this series. The challenge was finding the right way to speak about redemption and justice without being too negative around strong taboo themes. The key creative thread was to utilise the polaroid style image revealing the real feelings behind the faces.

For the pre-launch phase, Biborg created interactive homepage takeovers on sites such as Purebreak, Madmoizelle, Allocine and with the idea of offering fans the opportunity to open a locker and reveal extra secret content as well as discover the teaser trailer. This was followed by the launch homepage takeover live on 8 websites on the day the series was out. This homepage takeover revealed the official trailer while remaining within the creative theme of the campaign.

A digital out of home campaign was also created and diffused in metro stations, malls and cinemas. The idea was that it uses the codes of ‘Instagram stories’ relating to the target audience.

The tapes were just the beginning…