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Jessica Jones S1

Following the appearance of the fictional superhero, Jessica Jones in American comic books published by Marvel comics, the first season of Marvel’s Jessica Jones was launched in 2015.

The first Marvel Netflix series, Daredevil was a success and amongst others it allowed Netflix to be better known with the French public. There was therefore the challenge for this second Marvel Netflix series, Jessica Jones, to present an unknown character to audiences and continue in the same path of success as Daredevil.

The idea therefore was to widely promote Jessica Jones in a short amount of time, with no teasing or pre-launch phase but only a massive promotion over the weekend of the 20th November.

Biborg and Netflix collaborated together on the creation and production of a digital campaign with formats including; YouTube Mastheads, programmatic units, homepage takeovers on websites such as Allociné, JVCOM, 20 Minutes, Melty, Twitch, Programme TV, Next PLZ, Commentcamarche, Journaldesfemmes, Le Journal du Net, l'internaute and Flair, mobile and social formats and digital out of home formats in metro stations.

In order to avoid creative fatigue during the 3 days of diffusion, Biborg ensured that different videos were displayed over the course of the launch : morning, noon and evening time. This enabled a freshness in the content and avoided repetition.

During the launch period, the public were invited to attend the Arludik gallery in the 4th district of Paris. A series of original artwork around the Marvel character Jessica Jones, were created by comics illustrator and co-creator, Michael Gaydos. The exhibition was held from the 2nd of November to the 21st of December. For this occasion, Biborg installed an interactive digital out of home format in the gallery where visitors could discover the mini comics of Jessica Jones. Visitors could swipe the screen to navigate from one page to another.

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