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Jessica Jones S2

The much-awaited season two of Jessica Jones, based on the Marvel Comics character, was launched on March 8th 2018, which by no coincidence was also International Women’s Day.

As we all know, International Women’s Day commemorates and celebrates women’s rights. It made sense therefore to release a series following the adventures of a woman on this day. The theme of the show fit perfectly in the current wave of female empowerment as it revolves around several strong women.

Haunted by a traumatic past, the superhero Jessica Jones uses her gifts as a private investigator to put her life back together after being tormented by Kilgrave in season one.

To promote the series, Biborg and Netflix collaborated on a launch campaign including an interactive installation in the 4 Temps shopping center in Paris as well as several stickers found within Parisien metros.

In partnership with Dune, Théoriz, Stereoplane, Clear Channel and JPB Audiovisuel, Biborg created an installation in the mall inviting passersby to demolish sexist prejudices that can be heard on the street, in the media, or even on the terrace of a café. Jessica Jones, the most badass of super heroines asked users to seize the construction ball and break the stereotypes which were written on the screen. Once the screen was “virtually” broken, a personal response from Jessica was revealed.

The campaign also continued in the metros of Paris. In partnership with Re-mind, the stickers included contextualised messaging corresponding to the environment. Once again, Jessica Jones showed commuters how to well behave on trains.