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Lost in Space

For the launch of the Netflix series, Lost in Space on the 13th of April, Biborg, Netflix and the French Telecommunications company Orange partnered up to create an augmented store that will transport passers-by to outer space. The activation was in place between the 13th and 20th of April 2018.

The family based sci-fi and fantasy series, Lost in Space is set 30 years in the future when everyone wants to move to another planet because Earth has become unlivable. The Robinson family is selected as one of the families to go to another place and make a new life in a better world. However their journey doesn’t role out according to plan when they crash-land on an alien planet. The Robinson’s then have to fight against all odds to survive and escape the danger around them.

In order to transport the users to the same world, Biborg and their partners Dune, Warning Up, Norelive (installation/ construction) and Stereoplane (sound design) rebuilt the spaceship Jupiter 2 in the Orange store in the Opera neighbourhood in Paris.

Inviting passers-by to enter the store, there were digital out of home videos on the two façades of the shop. Inside the store, was a room constructed to look like the spaceship, outside and in. Inside the vessel were two interactive experiences as well as holograms, print outs of the Robinson family and other elements creating the spatial atmosphere. There were also hostesses who were recruited to welcome the visitors on the spaceship, explain the experiences and discuss the series.

The first experience invited users to pilot Jupiter 2 to safety by avoiding asteroids in space. Being in the pilot seat, users had to maneuver left and right and move forward to help the Robinson family to safety. The other activation was a photobooth transforming the user into a space adventurer allowing them to keep a souvenir from their space odyssey. The user could print out their image and scan a QR code in order to have it on their phone, allowing them to share it on social networks if they wish.