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biborg-work-epic-games-xsens-nymphea-selenis-thumbnail Challenge Biborg is positioned as one of the leading independent full-service agencies specialized in gaming. True to its vision and with the desire to bring gaming to all communities, Biborg wanted to surpass the boundaries of gaming and art with a totally new experience. After all, what are the limits of gaming when associated with live art?

For Biborg, there are none. Ready to experience a new form of art?

Idea In collaboration with Epic Games and Movella Xsens, we imagined, produced and realized a unique, immersive experience. Working with Hugo Vigliotti, a dancer from the Paris National Opera Ballet, Biborg combined video games and live art to offer an unprecedented performance as part of the Motion Motion festival.

biborg-work-epic-games-xsens-nymphea-selenis-2 biborg-work-epic-games-xsens-nymphea-selenis-3 Thus, we are proud to present the first-ever dance performance in Unreal Engine 5 in real time, open to the public: Nymphea Selenis. A live performance that takes place on a hybrid stage; both real and virtual, that mixes total immersion, art and games. biborg-work-epic-games-xsens-nymphea-selenis-5 Results The agency was able to demonstrate that a new form of live performance is possible, with the prospect of integrating essential characteristics that we appreciate in the world of video games: freedom of action and interaction with visual and sound environments, multiplayer aspects, interactivity between the content and the audience in real time, challenges with several possible outcomes, interactive streaming with an online audience… biborg-work-epic-games-xsens-nymphea-selenis-6 With this technological tour de force, Biborg can now offer their clients an infinite number of innovative possibilities, and mix live performances with the virtual world or the Metaverse through an unprecedented approach.