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Paco Rabanne

After the success of the international in-store campaign for Pure XS For Her last year in 2018, Paco Rabanne is again teaming up with agency Biborg for the launch of its new TV spot, which reunites Invictus and Olympea for the first time, in a “Mad Max” style desert race. To further promote the fragrances, and the film itself, the agency created an interactive in-store and online campaign where users can take part in the film’s Mad Max style race and discover exclusive content from the TV spot on the brand’s website.

The in-store displays will be installed in Paco Rabanne flagship and airport stores around the world. Depending on its configuration, stores will either feature an iPad version or large-screen edition where players can control their characters behind a steering wheel or astride a saddle set up within the stand, re-enacting the film’s desert race by dodging obstacles and collecting bonus fragrance bottles as they speed to the finish line.



The campaign’s online activation offers an interactive version of the TV spot. Users can unlock “flashbacks”, bonus material like exclusive videos and “making of” footage, as well as go into the draw to win complementary perfumes. The activation can be accessed through Paco Rabanne’s website, by clicking on the “rewind” icon directly in the film.

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