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Level Up

Whilst the videogame industry is expected to reach a turnover of 99,6 billion of dollars worldwide in 2016 with a growth of 8,5%, PayPal asked Biborg to produce a documentary dedicated to new independent entrepreneurs who manage to live off their passion.

The film delves into 4 unusual careers of French gamers who reveal their tipping point. They are apart of these new heroes of the gaming world in France and represent a new form of entrepreneurship.

PayPal is the one of the most important digital payment platform for gamers and represent nowadays a real phenomenon for the participative streaming. For example, donations through PayPal to french streamers increased 86% in one year.


The world of video games is experiencing a rapid development for a few years. Our mission is to connect millions of people together across the world by giving them the chance to share and evaluate. PayPal is more and more used by gamers with a new generation of professionals. We are proud to help them reap the fruits of their passion. The story of these new videogame heroes is incredible and we wanted to highlight them through this film with the entrepreneurship angle, which is a premiere.

Damien Perillat, Director at PayPal France.

France is one of the most dynamic countries for the gaming industry with very local popular brands. In 2015, this industry had a growth of 6% to reach 2,87 billions of dollars and we count now more than 4,5 millions of eSport fans. Find out more on Influencia and Les Echos.

There were a total of 97% positive reactions and 500 comments for 330K views for this documentary.