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Rainbow Six Esports community series

In order to position itself in the esports sector, PayPal is again calling on agency Biborg’s expertise in the domain, this time through a strategic partnership Biborg established with Ubisoft and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Pro League and Majors for the brand. Using this expertise, the agency is leading the brand in the launch of a communication campaign that responds to fans demands for authenticity.

The campaign follows “Level Up”, a 2016 film developed by PayPal and Biborg, which showcased 4 French video game entrepreneurs (DominGo, ZeratoR, YellOwStaR et Khao), living out their passion. PayPal is once again partnering up with Biborg to position itself in the gaming and esports ecosystem on a long-term basis. Biborg will use its knowledge of the sector, its access to publishers and a network of partners and esports experts to accompany the brand in an ambitious strategic partnership with Ubisoft and Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Pro League and Majors.

The world of video games has seen rapid growth in recent years. Connecting millions of people around the world, enabling them to exchange and evolve, that’s our mission. That’s why we chose Biborg again, to showcase this new generation of emerging professionals and why we’re proud to help them reap the benefits of their passion, easily and safely.

Caroline Thelier, General Manager of PayPal France.

PayPal has always been connected with the video game community and therefore esport. Its DNA is to democratise financial services, make them accessible to all and connect people with each other. Biborg helps PayPal communicate better about this mission, to position itself in emotional territory while communicating on the benefits it can bring to gamers. The partnership with Ubisoft and Rainbow Six Siege will help develop brand loyalty and service understanding.

Bruno Luriot, CEO of Biborg.

After creating a one-minute film, titled “To All of You” to announce the partnership in November 2018 at the Pro League Season 8 finale in Rio de Janeiro, Biborg and PayPal launched “All Invited”, the first episode of a web documentary - The Six Unit, a Rainbow Six Esports Community Series - which celebrates the different actors of the Rainbow Six Siege Pro League: players, both pro and amateur, cosplayers, shoutcasters and fans.

The first episode premiered in February at the Six Invitational in Montreal and aired on Twitch the day of the finale, reaching a global audience of 300,000 in total.



The second episode, titled "All Dedicated" was released on April 11th 2019, launching just before the APAC Finals on April 13th and 14th in Sydney.


The third episode "All Accessible" was released on May 10th 2019, one week before the Pro League Season 9 finals which were taking place in Milan.


The fourth episode "All Supportive" was released on August 9th 2019, the weekend before the Six Major which was taking place in Raleigh (USA). This episode celebrates the Rainbow Six Siege Community and their support towards each other.


Episode five, "All Together" of the series, was published on the 12th of December 2019. This episode is an invitation for people to come experience a live event. Esports players talk about how the events are one of a kind and how the friendships made there are what keeps the R6 community coming back every year.

The objective of the documentaries is to celebrate all of the members of the Rainbow Six Siege family and to convey the idea that PayPal understands and respects the players, their passions and the values they uphold. It’s also a way of maintaining a connection all year long, with exclusive content devoted to the community. We always try to be respectful in all of our outreach, in order to exploit the brand's charisma without being intrusive.

Ismael El Hakim, Managing Director of Biborg.

In addition to the web documentaries, a social media global campaign was created highlighting PayPal’s different products and services by using clever Rainbow Six Siege references. The aim was to directly engage the community and push PayPal’s value propositions with clear call-to-action.

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