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Dernier Niveau

biborg-work-playstation-dernier-niveau-thumbnail Challenge We wanted to create an activation to inspire the French PlayStation community to take part in the PlayStation tournaments, with a focus on a select few games, a casual esports approach and local relevancy. Our goal was to gain awareness, acquisition and engagement through this activation.

Our challenge was to change the elitist perception of esports made by the mainstream audience around Playstation Tournaments, by showcasing them as fun and accessible to increase the number of sign-ups and check-ups.

Idea Dernier Niveau, the final boss of PlayStation Tournaments. From November to May, people had the opportunity to participate in FIFA22, Street Fighter V and NBA2K22 tournaments on PS4 Tournaments. Every month, they had 3 chances to access the Dernier Niveau in order to defeat the final boss : a talent and good player of each game. Their mission? Beat the top player live on his channel, and try to earn a PS5!

Each final was hosted and broadcasted on our talents’ Twitch channels in order to increase the viewership. PlayStationFR also hosted the different livestreams. For our last two Dernier Niveau, the final fight was live on PlayStationFR channel.

Results 3 different games played during 6 livestreams, with over 12 hours of competition and 6 PS5 won. Average viewers: 762 - Average Peak viewers: 1 183 - Average unique viewers: 21 279