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Driveclub is an exclusive racing game title like no other. Bringing to life the heart and soul of car culture, it's all about you and your friends fighting for one another and earning rewards together. Offering a high level of social connectivity, it allows users to take on races as part of a driving club and undertake challenges beyond just lap-times.

Two weeks before the release of Driveclub, a physical media kit was sent out to more than 1500 journalists all over Europe where they were invited to access a PR experience related to the title.

Working closely with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, Biborg created an interactive personalised PR experience for each and every journalist in 31 different countries. Each journalist was invited to access the site with a unique password and was then suprised with both a personalised welcome message and a personalised Driveclub press badge. To further extend the personalised element, the FB API was incorporated so that users can select friends to be part of their club and create customised Driveclub videos. Portraying how the club has stuck together, the video shows how the team achieved the goal of winning through their strong team commitment.

The aim was to inform and excite journalists about Driveclub and invite them to share a custom trailer with their communities. Journalists were also invited to share their personalised video on social networks in order to spread the word about the title. They were also given the chance to download assets related to the game for use in their review articles.

In total there were 1581 journalists, 31 countries covered and an average of 2 minutes per user engagement with the experience.