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Following the Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO) PlayStation Now display campaign for the French market that went live in November 2018, Sony Interactive Entertainment entrusted Biborg with a DCO campaign at a European level.

Delivering unlimited access to a growing library of over 750 PS4, PS3 and PS2 games, all with one subscription, the cloud platform PlayStation Now includes games that can be streamed directly on PS4 consoles or PC as well as downloading PS4 and PS2 games to a PS4 console. With new gems added every month, hundreds of games including PlayStation exclusives, acclaimed masterpieces, indie titles and more can be accessed.

PlayStation EMEA and Biborg collaborated on DCO acquisition and retention campaigns including online display advertising formats in partnership with the adserver Sizmek and paid social media video units in partnership with Spirable.

DCO technology was seen as the right approach to improve creative production efficiency, increase flexibility, help personalise messages using 1st and 3rd party data and collate audience insights about their motivation and reasons to use the PlayStation Now service. Starting with the acquisition campaign going live in March that aimed at reaching new gamers, the objectives were to find which content, which reasons to subscribe to the service and which call to action motivates people to join. With unlimited possible version scenarios and custom metrics, in the end the optimum combination will be revealed aiding the future positioning of the service.

The many reasons to subscribe to the service includes accessing hundreds of games on demand, the ability to play older classic games, focus on PS exclusive games for PC gamers, the choice to stream and download games among many others were matched with corresponding messages and game titles for each format.

Going live in April and after accumulating all the data from the previous campaign, the second part of the project; the retention campaign will be targeted at players that will have PS Now. The objective is to keep users active on the platform by showcasing the newest monthly games as well as the catalogue's richness by presenting the best titles that were revealed from the March campaign.

Red Dead Redemption, God of War, Until Dawn, The Last of Us, Tearaway Unfolded...which titles will be the most liked?