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Challenge Since the PS3 era, there has always been a feature that appeals to players: trophies. Although most can be unlocked by progressing through a game, there are many rare and hidden trophies that can only be unlocked in a specific way. With this in mind, PlayStation wanted to find a way to boost the engagement of PlayStation players so that they would continue to play on their PS4/PS5, and try a more diverse range of genres through the achievement of unlocking trophies.

Idea To boost engagement, we organised a monthly treasure hunt for the rarest and most unexpected trophies from a mixture of games. People could (re)discover classic games and licences from the PlayStation catalogue, play indie games, latest releases and take part in Extra Trophées from April to August 2022, to win prizes and complete their trophy collection. biborg-work-playstation-extra-trophees-twitter

Each month, a list of trophies across a wide range of games can be found on all PlayStation FR’s social media platforms. Participants have 30 days to try and unlock as many trophies as they can, and share proof on Twitter with the hashtag #ExtraTrophées and tagging @PlayStationFR. The more trophies unlocked, the more opportunities you get to win prizes such as PSN cards, PS Plus subscriptions etc. by lucky draw.

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17 different games played 1238 total participants 1525 trophies earned by PlayStation players

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