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PlayStation France
PS Now - DCO


PlayStation France and Biborg collaborated on a Dynamic Creative Optimisation (DCO) display campaign aiming to recruit new subscribers to the PlayStation Now service.

PlayStation Now is a streaming gaming service from PlayStation providing unlimited access to a growing catalog of over 500 games, including blockbusters, family and critically-acclaimed hits. Subscribers can play with any game on PC and PS4 platforms. New subscribers can also test the service with unlimited access during a 7 days trial period.

The brief was to use the PlayStation Now catalog, by pushing a selection of the best game titles to gamer audiences identified by Tradelab and Webedia data (Tradelab is the exclusive partner of the leading French digital media group Webedia).

Going live on the 15th of November 2018 until March 2019, the objective of the campaign is for Playstation Now to gain insights on the most successful games, their audiences and the best performing game category. The best games and performance of audiences were optimised in different phases.

Collaborating with PlayStation Media Teams, Mediacom, Sizmek and Tradelab on the production, the formats included IAB Standard HTML5 dynamic units with personalised text for the introduction and presentation of the games filtered by genre, display of three video game packs selected randomly from the 170 best games of the PlayStation Now catalog, review scores from the site and finally, an end card with a dynamic claim and call to action displaying the benefits of the services.