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Indie Games

biborg-work-playstation-indie-games Challenge Indie games on the PS store are relatively unknown despite an incredible and varied catalog. The challenge was to generate brand attribution, engagement and positive conversations around PlayStation and its indie sphere.

Even though indie games are split across several genres, there was one thing they had in common; having the ability to share good moments with a chill vibe, which was completely different from the spirit of AAA games.

So, what if PlayStation could capture the core spirit these indie games have and generate positive conversation through unique streams?

Idea Similar to friends discovering a new game together on the same couch, these co-op sessions invite the community to come together and share the same experience to discover indie games with the streamer.

Over a 2 hour livestream, several unique interactions and concepts previously discussed in the stream allows viewers to make choices that will impact the game, or create conversation around a subject related to the game. This experience ranged from using the simple native features of Twitch such as polls, to a communal drawing session or making a time capsule.

Results 12 different games played during 12 livestreams, with over 61 hours of gameplay content More than 600k hours watched overall! 3,605 average viewers - 11,570 peak viewers - 58,000 average unique viewers

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