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In June 2022, the new PlayStation Plus was officially launched in Europe. This new service combines features of PlayStation Plus and PlayStation Now, and simplifies the two to become a must-have for all players in the PlayStation ecosystem.

After our July campaign, we needed to get the ball rolling again in September, and highlight the richness of the catalog while educating the community about the different PS+ subscriptions.


PlayStation’s game library is vast, and includes a lot of recognizable and iconic names. Similarly, an endless amount of streamers have recognizable and uncommon names.

With this in mind, we identified 24 streamers that would fit into our PlayStation Alphabet. Each streamer let their community choose the game they would play, starting with the same letter as their name, through polls on Twitter.

To gain exposure, we kickstarted the PlayStation Alphabet with Tier 1 streamers, and others during the week to ensure the longevity of the program. We also worked with grassroot and mid-level streamers throughout the campaign to secure a great reach/investment ratio.

By combining the communities of 24 different streamers via Twitch and Twitter, we were able to reach many different audiences, and greatly increase the visibility of the service while demonstrating the richness of the PlayStation+ catalog.

Some tweets from our roster of talents:

biborg-work-playstation-plus-alphabet-twitter-avamind biborg-work-playstation-plus-alphabet-twitter-avamind-2 biborg-work-playstation-plus-alphabet-twitter-horty-1 biborg-work-playstation-plus-alphabet-twitter-horty-2 biborg-work-playstation-plus-alphabet-twitter-mynthos biborg-work-playstation-plus-alphabet-twitter-mynthos-2 biborg-work-playstation-plus-alphabet-twitter-titavion


On Twitch

24 lives on PlayStationFR & talents channels for 88 hours streamed in total! 640 average viewers 231 000 unique viewers 345 000 live views 29 000 unique chatters

On social media

516 000 impressions 18 000 engagements