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Funzone - Paris Games Week

For the occasion of the Paris Games Week event which was held in Paris from the 26th to 30th October 2018, PlayStation entrusted Biborg with the creation and development of its "Funzone", a 50m2 space entirely dedicated to the PlayStation Plus offer, accessible to all visitors to play alone or in teams.

Being PlayStation’s partner for the Parisian video game event for 3 years now, Biborg created and developed interactive activations within the 50m2 space and constructed it in collaboration with Dune and Amplify.

Representing PlayStation Plus values and features within interactive experiences inspired by the funfair universe, the program included a circuit in which there are 4 experiences.

Starting with the ‘PlayStation Plus Wall’, two players are invited to work together and hit the Playstation Plus symbols that light up. Speed and rapidity are key in this first experience. The more symbols you hit, the more points you and your partner receive.


Next on the agenda is ‘PS Pong’, an activation that revistes one of the most played arcade games. With the use of motion sensors, two opponents use their body as a controller of the game. Through their interactions, they change the visual characteristics of the activation.


Thirdly, there is Pursuit Of Plus, an interactive experience based on a rhythm concept, whereby it reacts to the actions of the single player in terms of visuals and music. The player moves their hips in order to avoid the obstacles. The aim is to advance, gain points and at the same time discover the visual animation as well as the sound and music universes created in collaboration with Stereoplane.


At each experience, depending on the score, tokens can be won and used at the digitalised ‘Grappler’ activation. Inspired by the well known candy grabber found in funfairs, here the user can try their chance at winning one of many prizes, including a PlayStation 4 Pro 500 Million Limited Edition.


For this 3rd year in a row alongside PlayStation during the Paris Games Week, we have included 4 of our flagship interactive animations: PS Plus Wall, Power up your Pong, Pursuit of Plus and Catch the Power. Solo, cooperative, or one-on-one play: these different installations showcase PlayStation Plus subscriber advantages in a fun way.

Valentin Hugon, Business Manager Partner at Biborg.



For the Paris Games Week 2019, the Funzone booth was back but this time bigger - 100m2 of space was dedicated to the interactive experiences. There was also a new activation that was added to the circuit - ‘Target the Plus’. This game invites players to stand in front of the activation and throw physical balls towards the screen in order to hit as many PlayStation Plus items as possible. Each time they hit the items, points are earned and if the players beat the highest score, they gain two tokens.

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