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PS4 Launch

Being closely associated with Sony Computer Entertainment Europe for more than two years, Biborg is in charge of the digital launch of PlayStation®4, including a rich media campaign and the interactive TV ad on YouTube.

Broadcasted on the European PlayStation YouTube channel, the experience is based on the TV ad directed by the agency 180 Amsterdam which allows users to find 50 hidden elements revealing content related to PS4 and the PlayStation history: exclusive videos, artwork and downloadable elements.The idea conducted through the project with Sony Computer Entertainment was to enhance and magnify the concept for the interactive media channels.

Through a highly interactive user experience we invite the Players to discover in detail the iconic references in the TV ad, celebrating the history and the future of gaming on PlayStation.

Ismaël El-Hakim, Managing Creative Director at Biborg.

To drive users to the channel, a series of Masthead formats were be broadcasted on YouTube’s homepage in 13 European countries. Innovative Rich Media units – labelled as ‘Rising Stars’ by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) – were produced by Biborg. The Interactive Pre-roll, is an augmented version of the classic Pre-roll format, allowing users to engage and interact with the video content. The Filmstrip includes social content with YouTube videos and live Twitter feeds that are also compatible with Mobile and Tablet devices.

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