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TWITCH PROGRAMS (Club Play, PS+ Ambassadors, Pause Play)


Challenge With Twitch becoming an extremely popular platform worldwide, PlayStation wanted to insert themselves into the French gaming landscape and engage communities with various services, products, and entertaining and diverse programs that reflected the richness of the platform and its features.

Idea As Twitch offers many opportunities to produce content with a community-first approach, we had to make the most of it! We created two programs for the PlayStationFR channel and a companion video to push our content on social media.

biborg-work-playstation-twitch-club-play → Club Play captures the expansive choice in the PS catalogue, ranging from retro-gaming to the latest AAA games. With our four amazing streamers (BestMarmotte, KaliYami, KeydeeGamerBoy, KyriaTV) we had the opportunity to launch a fun, entertaining, and interactive experience and offered diverse content for all to enjoy. biborg-work-playstation-twitch-playstation-plus-ambassadeurs → PS+ Ambassadeurs is a brand awareness and endorsement program promoting PS+ services with Tier 2 streamers (FreemanSensei, MrQuarate, Titavion, Yann) and grassroot streamers as ambassadors. With four streams per month, the program itself covered the monthly games included in the PS+ service, showing the range of genres available to play.

→ Pause Play is a monthly best-of that showcases the best from the PlayStationFR Twitch channel. It displays a variety of genres (racing, party games, horror, simulation, RPG…), and lets the community catch up with the best of the latest events and programs on Twitch.

Results Club Play: 30 different games played during 34 livestreams, with over 69 hours of gameplay content 86 average viewers - 372 peak viewers - 932 average unique viewers

PS+ Ambassadeurs: 17 different games played during 22 livestreams, with over 48 hours of gameplay content 140 average viewers - 533 peak viewers - 918 average unique viewers

Pause Play: