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Prince of Persia - The Lost Crown - Speedrun Activation

Challenge Leverage the strengths of Prince of Persia to raise awareness amongst the core audience of the metroidvania genre.

Over the years, the Prince of Persia franchise has evolved from its original form to become the 3D action-adventure series we all know and love. The Lost Crown brings the game back to its roots with a modern twist- creating a dichotomy with fans who had existing expectations, and metroidvania fans who were unaware of this upcoming title.

Our approach A speedrun challenge with specialized content creators from France, Spain and Italy all fighting to win the best reward: the protagonist’s Twin Blades forged from iron.

Speedrunning is becoming more and more popular with a lot of different games. However, the art of speedrunning shines in Prince of Persia: The Lost Crown; a game with a quick learning curve that offers an exceptional showcase of skills. We wanted to show the game’s potential in a short amount of time, as well as positioning it as the next go-to game to speedrun for future content. To spice things up, we held a competition between content creators to see who could reach the second boss the fastest. This helped generate additional engagement from them and their community whilst avoiding any spoilers. The character’s Twin Blades were forged to celebrate this new opus and create a one-off, unforgettable prize.

Our execution Dedicated Social Media content and broadcast assets were created for every channel and content creators’ channels to reach the biggest audience possible.

In line with the brand’s guidelines, we created various assets for Ubisoft’s social platforms (video/statics) to tease the event and highlight the talents. We also worked on a dedicated overlay including the chrono, in order to have consistency throughout the live. We also worked with an amazing blacksmith who forged the twin blades from iron!