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Pursuit Of Sound ft. 20syl

From the 20th to 23rd of September 2018, Biborg and the artist 20syl presented Pursuit Of Sound ft. 20syl during the Digital Week event.


Successful artist of the contemporary music scene, 20syl has been developing since the early 90s. He became well known with the general public via his 5 albums from the group Hocus Pocus then his participation in the collective C2C. 20syl continues his career as a producer and is also involved in digital arts projects, such as "L'échappée", monumental mapping in collaboration with Aurélien Lafargue and "The U - ramp sound", an interactive skateboard ramp that combines graphics and music. Therefore, when the teams of Biborg Nantes, reflected on the work they wanted to present during the Digital Week, it was natural that they thought of the artist 20syl.


Biborg's Pursuit Of Sound project once again aroused my curiosity, I like the idea of exploring the interactions between physical movement and digital, musical interpretation and play. In a manner that is totally interactive, it's the public that control the music. My role was to compose a series of titles that would be interpreted by the players in front of the screen, in front of the sensors, directly on stage.

20syl - Artist and Musician.

Designed by the agency Biborg, Pursuit Of Sound recalls the visual and sound universes of C2C with the elements of design that arise and multiply throughout the game. To try no matter what age you are.

Ouest France

An interactive, artistic and fun experience based on a rhythm concept, Pursuit Of Sound reacts to the actions of players in terms of visuals, music and lights. Two players are invited on stage and are engaged in a scenographic environment where they move to the music in order to advance and discover the visual animation, sound and music universes. We also made it possible to interact with the lights in order to increase the immersion of the users and to develop the scenographic dimension of the experience. We put the user experience at the heart of our thinking but at the same time we thought about what would be interesting to watch by other spectators.

Alain Puget, Game Designer - CTO of Biborg.


Behind this device lies a desire to make digital art accessible. To show that technology, beyond its complexity, can be consumed in a fun way allowing the public to meet and acquire new concepts.



We created this experience with the desire to mix genres: video games and music in a digital art installation. With Pursuit Of Sound and even more thanks to the participation of the artist 20syl, we wanted to offer an experience that is both very accessible for the public but also super sharp and ambitious at an artistic and interactive level. The first objective we all share in the project team, and our reward in the end, is to be able to use digital to entertain and especially to create real interactions between people, being the digital art lovers or families with children. We have a vision of digital art as interactive, playful and finally quite joyful.

Bruno Luriot, CEO of Biborg. Biborg provided artistic direction, visual production, programming, technical direction and project management. For his part, 20syl also provided artistic direction, but mostly musical creation.

The year following - in 2019, Pursuit Of Sound was presented at The Motion Motion festival in Nantes.

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